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The annual High School Football Coaches Preview hosted by the Men's Club of St. Haralambos Church is Aug. 11.

The biggest, baddest dude on the football field usually was Shawn Crable.

He’d grown up in Canton watching McKinley games at Fawcett Stadium with his stepfather, idolizing guys such as Percy Snow while dreaming about the day he’d play for Thom McDaniels.

The last tinge of sour in McKinley's sweetest run washed out in a blowout of Massillon.

Mike Ranalli's Canton connection was strong from birth. His father, John, and uncle Tony went to McKinley High School. Brother John attended Timken. Uncles Rob and Richard and a cousin went to Central Catholic.

Former McKinley standout Antonio Hall started his career as a 209-pound middle linebacker.

Not in high school. In fourth grade.

Like many boys who grew up in the 1980s, Dave Monnot loved baseball.

There was something about football, however, that really influenced the former Central Catholic tackle.

Time forgets some of the names that belong in the Stark County High School Football Hall of Fame.

Yet, it is understandable that it took Lou Mariano this long to get in.

Getting knocked out in practice during his one year of playing high school football at Timken ended Ben Zampino’s career as a player.
“My mom said, ‘No more,’” he recalls.
Zampino, though, still lo
Tickets are available for the annual Stark County High School Football Hall of Fame Banquet, which is Friday at Skyland Pines.
The banquet will introduce the Class of 2016, which features former McKinley stars Che Bryant, Ike