Marlington Dukes Team News

TIME  7 p.m.
SITE  Marlington Stadium
RECORDS  Salem 3-1, 1-0; Marlington 3-1, 0-1

LOUISVILLE  There must've been a community bonfire around the stadium at Louisville High School. The early fall air was crisp. It seemed like the Leopards season was going up in flames, too.

Instead, they probably just burned the memories of the season’s bad start in the fire. The Leopards have a new life.

No one really wants to call any league game in the fourth week of the season a championship-type game, but ...

Can it get much closer in the NBC tonight at 7:15 with the Louisville and Marlington high school football teams at Louisville Stadium?

LOUISVILLE   In a game that could have NBC championship implications Thursday night, Louisville may have been dealt a blow.

Amid the celebration under the stars for the first time in Michigan Stadium history, Dymonte Thomas looked around and soaked it all in. He was a guest of the Michigan football program for the school’s historic and instant classic win over Notre Dame on Saturday night.

Marlington at Poland

  7 p.m.

SITE  Poland Stadium

RECORDS  Marlington 2-0, Poland 1-1

Things only get tougher from here for the Marlington Dukes. After two impressive wins at home to start the high school football season, the Dukes take to the road for the first time Friday.

This has been a long trying summer for Austin Shaheen. And now it’s getting longer.

LEXINGTON TWP.  Not even the elements could stop the two-headed monster that resides in the Marlington High School football team’s backfield.

LEXINGTON TWP.  Big-time college football recruits feel pain, too. Just ask Alden Hill, who found himself gasping for air after the first two plays from scrimmage of the season. Welcome back to reality.

But Hill, the Tennessee recruit, spent the rest of the night making sure St. Thomas Aquinas huffed and puffed.